One-to-One Dog Training in Surrey

Mindful Paws offers one-to-one dog training and behavioural consults to give you the individual support and knowledge you need to solve your dog’s issues.

Whether you’re looking for the solution to a specific issue, or want to work on your dog’s overall behaviour, Mindful Paws will be there each step of the way. Click the button below to contact Rebecca and learn how Mindful Paws can help!

Ali Gregory
Ali Gregory
Highly recommend Mindful Paws! Rebecca offers sound and comprehensive advice. I have two rescue dogs who are now living the life they so deserve. Thank-you Rebecca
Matt Reid
Matt Reid
I got in touch with Rebecca to help me train my little westie. He is lively and anxious with what he thinks are home intruders (dogs on the tv!). Rebecca was brilliant and understanding towards Yoshi and helped to organise a training plan that has been super effective! She even helped me to understand how I should manage my emotions in stressful situations. Yoshi has come a long way thanks to her and is much calmer and responsive. What I found so great about Rebecca is she felt like a friend, we could talk open and honestly which was so reassuring. A big thank you, highly recommended!
Joanna Lucas
Joanna Lucas
Rebecca is absolutely fantastic! Entriely professional, but also down to earth and makes not just training my Jack Rusell puppy easy, but she has a way of simply educating me to do the right thing for my best girl. Simple suggestions that I would never had thought of have really helped. She is a credit to her profession and so I can't recommend her highly enough! Thanks Mindful Paws.
Lawrence Overman
Lawrence Overman
Rebecca really helped us with our Cavapoo, Chester who suffers from separation anxiety. Rebecca spent a lot of time at the start of the relationship unpicking Chester's difficulties and exploring things that we had already tried. We were provided with an explanation of Chester's difficulties with suggested strategies and future support suggestions. Each week Rebecca provided us with a timetable of sessions to support Chester. She analysed our data and videos that we shared with her, changing the plans weekly based on Chester's progress. We found her to be non-judgemental, friendly, supportive, always praising our efforts and providing additional positive suggestions and advice. She also encouraged us to create our plans to support Chester but was always on hand to discuss any concerns that we had. We still have a long way to go with Chester but have made a particularly good start to being able to leave him for short periods in a happy and calm state. We know that we can go back to Rebecca if we encounter any bumps in the road but are continuing the excellent work that Rebecca helped us to start.
Helen Airey
Helen Airey
Rebecca is a wonderful and supportive trainer who really helps both dogs and owners achieve the most desirable behaviours. Her compassionate and ethical training motivates and rewards Bertie for making great choices and gives me the tools to forge a happy and respectful relationship. I highly recommend her to anyone with a dog, whether there are problem behaviours or you just want to keep training your dog to be their best.
Sandra Coventry
Sandra Coventry
We reached out to Rebecca at Mindful Paws as we wanted to help our 2 year old cockapoo who was very reactive, barking, howling and snappy. Rebecca visited our home and Benji loved her straight away. She taught us techniques to help him both in the home and out on walks. He is doing really well, and after each visit Rebecca reviewed Benji’s progress and gave us a written report. She offers ongoing support, it’s so reassuring to know that she is always happy to help if we have any further questions! Would highly recommend. Sandra & Jim
julie Carter
julie Carter
Having not had a puppy for about 15 years we wanted to get him off to the best possible start and so looked into what sort of support we could get aside from the usual puppy classes. We searched and found Rebecca who offers a variety of options and we went with the Puppy Package – we didn’t really know what to expect but were so pleased that we did as Jack bonded with Rebecca straight away. Before the first session she sent us a 5 page pre-assessment questionnaire that asked us about every single aspect of Jack’s life- his age, environment, temperament, diet, any behavioural issues to focus on etc. This is then followed by a 1.5hr home consultation then 3 one hour follow on sessions to work on Jack’s training and for general tips and tricks and ‘puppy hacks’. Our lives were instantly calmer after one visit and we started to feel more in control of this little hurricane jack Russell! She gave us such a wide range of advice and tips that It cant be covered here but we had so many lightbulb moments. For example I had assumed I need to walk him multiple times a day to burn off his energy but that is actually the opposite of what you should do with a puppy so there we were creating our own problems! After each session Rebecca reviewed Jacks progress and wrote a comprehensive report and training plan covering everything we discussed plus the plan for the next few weeks and tips and tricks also links to youtube videos and good toys and chews to keep him mentally active. Along with the training plan that you can follow and use to refer to inbetween sessions there is also ongoing support inbetween so if I had a question I could get advice on an ad-hoc basis too which was really helpful. I found how crucial good dog training really is as I saw the massive difference it made to him. Before the puppy package he was bounding around the house aimlessly probably bored and I was just in ‘react’ mode all day running around trying to stop him chewing things and tearing my hair out I wouldn’t hesitate to book again and likely will as she also does one off sessions. All in all 5 star service, 5 star trainer and 5 star support
Kurtis L'Estrange
Kurtis L'Estrange
Rebecca helped us with our very excitable, but extremely anxious rescue Collie, Jax. She taught us so many techniques to help him feel much more calm around the house and when meeting new people. She opened our eyes to lots of methods we otherwise mightn’t have considered and we now have a much more settled dog. Thanks so much for everything over the past few months! It’s been super valuable.
Laura Physick
Laura Physick
We first reached out to Rebecca soon after rescuing an 18 month old, anxious and reactive German Shepherd, called Wilf. She soon recommended her Rescue Package. The support we received from Rebecca was invaluable - it was great to have someone “on hand” to ask questions and check-in with. Her kind, humane techniques helped Wilf to gain confidence in his new home and with us as his new humans. She was genuinely invested in supporting Wilf, and created detailed, step-by-step programs based on his individual needs. Wilf is now much more calm and confident around other dogs, is more comfortable in his own company, his recall has improved tremendously and he is very engaged with us - making walks much more enjoyable. The difference we have seen in him has been incredible and we’re so grateful for the support. We would recommend Rebecca’s program without a doubt.
Jak Harper
Jak Harper
Rebecca at mindful paws has been absolutely incredible not only making us feel at ease she has been so positive with our difficult beagle who other trainers said can’t be trained. Her friendly and enthusiastic approach worked on us as well as our dog. She goes through each step clearly and nothing is too much trouble. Thanks to Rebecca we are now confident in letting our beagle off the lead and she is so much better walking on the lead too. We can’t recommend her enough!!

Learn How to Overcome Your Dog’s Problems

Rebecca dog training qualifications

Mindful Paws is owned by Rebecca, a fully insured and IMDT accredited dog trainer based in Surrey, who will empower you with the tools and knowledge to not only improve your dog’s problems, but to make it enjoyable too! 

Some of the many areas Mindful Paws can help with:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Recall
  • Lead reactivity (barking/lunging at people or dogs whilst on lead)
  • Boisterous behaviour/hyperactivity
  • Nurturing person and dog relationships
  • Resource guarding
  • General anxiety
  • Handling issues
  • Pulling on lead
  • Destructive behaviours
  • Excessive barking and vocalisation
  • Jumping up
  • Humping
  • Stranger worry
  • Impulse control
  • Counter surfing
  • Stealing items and food
  • Increasing confidence around other dogs

Personalised Training for You and Your Dog

Examples of dogs trained by Mindful Paws

Mindful Paws offers two options for one-to-one dog training, depending on your dog’s issues.

Regardless of the canine challenges you are currently facing, an initial consult will be required for all dogs. This allows a fully personalised training plan to be created based on your dog and your needs and identify where the problems may lie.

Option 1: Initial Consult

Mindful Paws Initial Consult is a good option if you have a mild concern about your dog and want to learn more about their behaviour as well as management strategies to help. This option costs £135 and includes:

  • Analysis of behavioural questionnaire prior to your dog’s first training session
  • 1.5 hour home visit (or Zoom chat) to help with key issues and demonstrate practical training 
  • A written follow up report and personalised training plan emailed through within 2-3 days of consult

Option 2: Behaviour and Training Package

If you want to address multiple challenging issues or require ongoing training, Mindful Paws offers the Behaviour and Training Package (£390):

  • Analysis of behavioural questionnaire prior to your dog’s first training session
  • 1.5 hour initial consult and home visit (or Zoom chat) to assess your dog, demonstrate practical training, and begin addressing key issues.
  • 3x 1 hour follow-on training sessions to be used within 4 months of purchasing the Behaviour and Training Package
  • A written follow up report and training plan after each visit
  • Ongoing text and/or email support between sessions

Depending on the severity of behaviour, follow-on sessions may be needed for either option. These cost £90/hour for each one-to-one follow up session.

Contact Mindful Paws Today

To find out more about how Mindful Paws can help you and your dog, call or text today on 07539 044449 or use the form below.

There’s no obligation and Rebecca will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email directly at [email protected].