One-to-One Dog Training in Surrey

Mindful Paws offers one-to-one dog training and behavioural consults to give you the individual support and knowledge you need to solve your dog’s issues.

Whether you’re looking for the solution to a specific issue, or want to work on your dog’s overall behaviour, Mindful Paws will be there each step of the way. Click the button below to contact Rebecca and learn how Mindful Paws can help!

Steph Taylor
Steph Taylor
Rebecca was kind, thoughtful and patient (with both me and my puppy!) She has been a calming ear and problem solver for all of our little dramas and dilemmas since getting Kevin (our working cocker puppy!) Getting a puppy is a crazy business and I’m so grateful to Rebecca for helping get us off to the best start! We had an older dog already and Rebecca helped me to make the process as positive for him as possible, which was a big deal for us as a family. I would recommend Mindful Paws to anyone in a panic or fret about how to best to move forward with their furry family members. 😊🥰❤️🐕
Kirsty Gregory
Kirsty Gregory
So glad I found Rebecca at Mindful Paws! My cockerdor is like a different dog! Rebecca is lovely and friendly and immediately put my mind at rest. She really helped us understand the subtle behaviour signs our dog was giving us and gave us simple steps to adjust the environment, our responses and some simple training methods. Excited to continue on with these steps and continue to see improvements!
On Cloud Nine Therapies
On Cloud Nine Therapies
I came to Mindful Paws because our puppy Mabel was being a little madam in a couple of ways. Well I am pleased I did as Rebecca has given me such practical guidance and tool to help train our dog. Rebecca's knowledge is wonderful and she's a genuine, lovely person. Her feedback after each session is invaluable. I've recommended Mindul Paws to several of my clients with dogs. A great experience and the outcome is a much happier little dog! Glad I found Rebecca.
Derek Ames
Derek Ames
Excellent. Rebecca's guide dog training is a great background for training difficult dogs ( Like my giant Bernese ! )
Kat Wilson
Kat Wilson
Rebecca is incredible!!! Her sessions were so helpful and she has helped so much with our very anxious dog, who is now much more content. Highly recommend Rebecca to any dog owner in need of some advice, support and expertise!!!!
Mike Terris
Mike Terris
Rebecca was incredibly helpful when it came to training Koopa, he was my first puppy so I really wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Rebecca provides very detailed information after each training session, and is always there if you have any questions. I would 100% recommend, and will definitely be using Mindful Paws when I get my next dog!
Zoe Robinson
Zoe Robinson
Soo amazingly helpful! Rebecca gave us so many things to think about and adapt to help our 10 month old black lab to settle more, have a calmer day and to help his anxiety. We have already seen a massive improvement in him with the suggestions she made. We couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!
Steve Boorman
Steve Boorman
Thank you - your patience expertise and advice has helped enormously. Very worthwhile!
Ali Gregory
Ali Gregory
Highly recommend Mindful Paws! Rebecca offers sound and comprehensive advice. I have two rescue dogs who are now living the life they so deserve. Thank-you Rebecca
Matt Reid
Matt Reid
I got in touch with Rebecca to help me train my little westie. He is lively and anxious with what he thinks are home intruders (dogs on the tv!). Rebecca was brilliant and understanding towards Yoshi and helped to organise a training plan that has been super effective! She even helped me to understand how I should manage my emotions in stressful situations. Yoshi has come a long way thanks to her and is much calmer and responsive. What I found so great about Rebecca is she felt like a friend, we could talk open and honestly which was so reassuring. A big thank you, highly recommended!

Learn How to Overcome Your Dog’s Problems

Rebecca dog training qualifications

Mindful Paws is owned by Rebecca, a fully insured and IMDT accredited dog trainer based in Surrey, who will empower you with the tools and knowledge to not only improve your dog’s problems, but to make it enjoyable too! 

Some of the many areas Mindful Paws can help with:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Recall
  • Lead reactivity (barking/lunging at people or dogs whilst on lead)
  • Boisterous behaviour/hyperactivity
  • Nurturing person and dog relationships
  • Resource guarding
  • General anxiety
  • Handling issues
  • Pulling on lead
  • Destructive behaviours
  • Excessive barking and vocalisation
  • Jumping up
  • Humping
  • Stranger worry
  • Impulse control
  • Counter surfing
  • Stealing items and food
  • Increasing confidence around other dogs

Personalised Training for You and Your Dog

Examples of dogs trained by Mindful Paws

Mindful Paws offers two options for one-to-one dog training, depending on your dog’s issues.

Regardless of the canine challenges you are currently facing, an initial consult will be required for all dogs. This allows a fully personalised training plan to be created based on your dog and your needs and identify where the problems may lie.

Option 1: Initial Consult

Mindful Paws Initial Consult is a good option if you have a mild concern about your dog and want to learn more about their behaviour as well as management strategies to help. This option costs £150 and includes:

  • Analysis of behavioural questionnaire prior to your dog’s first training session
  • 1.5 hour home visit (or Zoom chat) to help with key issues and demonstrate practical training 
  • A written follow up report and personalised training plan emailed through within 2-3 days of consult

Option 2: Behaviour and Training Package

If you want to address multiple challenging issues or require ongoing training, Mindful Paws offers the Behaviour and Training Package (£435):

  • Analysis of behavioural questionnaire prior to your dog’s first training session
  • 1.5 hour initial consult and home visit (or Zoom chat) to assess your dog, demonstrate practical training, and begin addressing key issues.
  • 3x 1 hour follow-on training sessions to be used within 4 months of purchasing the Behaviour and Training Package
  • A written follow up report and training plan after each visit
  • Ongoing text and/or email support between sessions

Depending on the severity of behaviour, follow-on sessions may be needed for either option. These cost £90/hour for each one-to-one follow up session.

Contact Mindful Paws Today

To find out more about how Mindful Paws can help you and your dog, call or text today on 07539 044449 or use the form below.

There’s no obligation and Rebecca will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email directly at [email protected].